The Importance of the Decision to Divorce

“Thanks Mom & Dad – You Just Ruined My Life.” Would you rather: hear that sentence and know it is false? Or never hear that sentence, yet know it is true? That is a choice parents face all the time. Whether it comes to allowing kids to attend certain parties or concerts, paying more forContinue reading “The Importance of the Decision to Divorce”

Quick Tip for an Easier Divorce Process: Divide and Conquer

I am working with a woman whose divorce seems to keep getting crazier instead of calmer.  When the process began, they had two small children, a mountain of debt, and no jobs. Now, the kids are a bit older; the parents both have good jobs, and they have been paying down their debt.  Things shouldContinue reading “Quick Tip for an Easier Divorce Process: Divide and Conquer”