Wealth & Wellness: Managing Financial Stress in the Wake of a Divorce

By Laura Pearson

With a shrinking economy and gloomy forecasts, many of us are already feeling financial stress, and these stressors can be exacerbated even further if you’re going through a divorce. It’s important, then, to take measures for self-care and set the foundations for a healthier, thriftier bottom line.


During times of financial hardship, it’s important not to neglect your own health and well-being. The first step towards better wealth and wellness is to set some time aside to work on yourself.

  • Meditation: Learning one (or multiple techniques) of meditation can help you to gain a new perspective on your divorce, build skills to manage stress, improve your sense of focus, reduce negativity and spark fresh inspiration. Take some time to learn about the different forms and see which of these suits you best.
  • Diet & Fitness: It’s easy to overlook your physical health as you undergo emotional and financial hardship, but you’re likely to find the road to recovery twice as easy if your body is in good nick. Start by overhauling your diet with fresh ingredients and take a few early steps to restore your exercise regime (such as going for long walks or cycling to work).
  • Therapy: In times of trauma, extreme stress, and overwhelming pressure, having someone to talk to and help guide you through your emotions can prove invaluable. If you opt-in for therapy, make sure you research the different types and find a provider with plenty of reviews and an approach you feel comfortable with.


When you’re trying to stem the financial tide, it’s important to deal with the problem at its root. That means writing a clear plan, finding ways to cut costs, and developing saving habits.

  • Financial planning: Developing a clear financial plan won’t just help you to feel better, it will allow you to mathematically calculate a viable route forward. This is especially relevant if you’re currently struggling with debt. Start by tracking current outgoings, developing a budget, and separating finances from your spouse.
  • Cost cutting: Reducing expenses is going to be crucial if you want to reduce financial stress and start working towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Take a close look at your recurring costs (such as gym memberships, utility bills, and digital subscriptions) and see where adjustments can be made or renegotiated. You may also want to start buying food & household essentials in bulk and taking advantage of the various personal finance apps.
  • Retirement funds: With all the chaos of a divorce and financial pressure, be sure not to neglect your long-term saving schemes, including retirement. This is relevant even for young persons as Social Security benefits are unlikely to completely replace income in your later years.


If your divorce is proving expensive, it may be a good idea to offset costs with supplementary income streams.

  • Side hustles: When your full-time employment is failing to uphold the expenditure of daily living, it could be time to seek an additional part-time job. Ideally, this is something that can be spread out across your week to reduce the chance of burnout – make sure to look online for ideas.
  • Career change: When we spend over 40 hours of the week doing one thing, it’s necessary for the sake of our mental health and wallets that we enjoy this thing and are compensated adequately for doing it. Fortunately, if you’re unhappy with your current circumstances, switching roles is easier now than ever. Start by developing your portfolio, revamping your CV, and looking into solutions for upskilling.

Divorces can leave us in financial hot water, but if you’re able to overcome the stress, it’s often possible to rebuild your life for a healthier, happier, and more lucrative long-term future.

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Published by Sharon Oberst DeFala

Sharon Oberst DeFala has practiced low-impact safe divorce since 1992.

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