Tony Danza waits 4 years from Separation to Divorce. Why?

 According to papers filed on Danza’s behalf in the LA County Superior Court, Tony and Tracy Danza married in 1986 and separated in 2006, yet they waited until now to file for a divorce.  What could be some of the advantages of waiting this long?

 *          Danza has three children.  His son from his first marriage,  now married with a son himself, and two daughters with Tracy Danza: 23 year old Katherine and 17 year old Emily.  When the couple first separated Emily was 12 years old and still a minor child.  In the current filing, Danza states that there are no minor children of the marriage.  So if Emily is no longer considered a minor in the eyes of the California court, it might be that the Danzas had decided to wait until she was older to finalize their divorce.  This can prevent the court’s ability to get involved with decisions such as custody, child support, and visitation; hopefully leaving mature adults to work it out together independently.

 *          Divorce can feel too permanent to people who might just “need a break” from each other.  Sometimes a temporary physical and emotional separation can remind people of why they married in the first place and bring them a stronger sense of commitment to each other and their marriage.  Maybe the Danza separation was based on a hope that it would be a temporary split, eventually bringing them back together.  If, after four years of separation, the parties still do not feel a mutual desire to reconcile, they can be pretty sure they never will.

Regardless of whether the separation was to protect the children from legal battles or with hopes of reconciliation or other reasons, the effect of going through an extended separation prior to filing for divorce is that the waiting period frequently serves to cool hot emotions. 

When one spouse feels that the other is in a rush to be divorced and “free” issues can become protracted and arguments get heated.  When there is an opportunity to allow everyone a long separation and a chance to cool off, the divorce itself can be as simple as a business transaction.

 There are ways of protecting your rights during a separation period. Many states have instituted court-sanctioned legal separation, as well as other alternatives to a final divorce.

WHAT WE LOVE:  low emotional content; cooler heads prevailing

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Sharon Oberst DeFala has practiced low-impact safe divorce since 1992.

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